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Journalism isn’t any more or any less true now than it was then. There’s just more of it. It’s a stretched bell curve of historical norms.

We continue to give up our privacy to save money on news, information, and basic services. No one forces to do that. We do it willingly multiple times a day.

The really interesting angle to this is that news used to intersect with media. When it was a mass medium ads supported it. It is no longer a meaningful mass medium.

Proven by its consumption rate. Three percent of Americans pay for the New York Times. Three percent of Facebook feed content is news.

We don’t care about in-depth news. We don’t want pay for it. And so ads no longer support it.

We will see news narrow back to its historical (pre-1850s) norms. And, it will be just as trustworthy as it was then and as it is now.

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