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Aug 7, 2022·edited Aug 8, 2022

Thanks for the article.

Isn't what makes uber and lyft novel and very desirable, is the fact that anyone with a vehicle can just sign up and do it, I've always found their software piles of hot garbage, but convenient enough, it's never been about the "super intrepid software" that i guess someone keeps pumping, probably to deter new market players.

actually, something like that doesn't really need centralized traditional "corporate" internet model, you can actually decentralize communications for this kind of purpose without a middleman, internet is designed to support it, but the big companies and the entire business around itwill never allow the general public to get this gist as it gives the individual enormous amount of power and removes the ability of the corporation to own them. People have been purposefully trained, thoroughly, to believe that corporate internet is the only internet, so that they can be taken advantage of bigtime. Almost everything is engineered against non-corporate use of internet. The same way vehicles are being engineered to sap the ability of the driver to actually own it and repair it - if you can't repair it you don't own it. edit also this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZ51AbQGE1o

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